Switchboard upgrades

As the central hub of your building’s electrical wiring, your switchboard needs constant upgrades to stay in shape. Old and faulty switchboards can compromise on the safety of your family members and workers. An upgrade takes care of flickering lights that can be quite a nuisance to just about anyone.

Having a functional switchboard also breaks electric circuits to protect your family and co-workers from shock. Furthermore, any extra electric work around your property needs RCD protection on the circuit. If you have overcrowded appearances and short-circuiting appliances, chances are, you need a switchboard upgrade as soon as possible.

When you hire us to do a switchboard replacement or upgrade for you, we will do the following:

-Install a new unit with separate Clipsal RCBOs

-Give you a New Earth Electrode

-Issue an Electrical Inspector and Prescribed Certificate

As is our custom, we only deal with top-notch professionals to carry out all forms of electrical work.

With our accredited team of electricians, you can rest assured your expected outcome will be met with delight. The best part is that we will explain the procedures to be carried out to help you understand your switchboard better.

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