smoke alarms installation

If NFPA stats are anything to go by, having a working smoke detector in place reduces the chance of death by fire in half. You can save the life of your family members by having a smoke alarm installed on each floor of your house.

If you’ve noticed problems such as unnecessary triggers within your alarms, we can help.

We have photoelectric alarms in our arsenal that will bring an end to the nuisances and beeping. These have been manufactured to detect fire and respond quickly. They are also not easily triggered by steam from the bathroom or the kitchen.

Whether your smoke alarm could do with a facelift or you need a new unit altogether, we are the right guys for the job.

Call us today and let us protect your home and family from the risk of fire and smoke. This will save you the hassle and time of having to navigate through the installation on your own. It will also give you the assurance of proper and quality installation so you can walk tall knowing your unit will not malfunction when you need it the most. 

What’s more, we offer up to date regulations regarding smoke alarms in the market.

Our customer reps are on standby to take your inquiries 24/7.

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