eLectric safety inspection

Like gas and water, electricity currents can leak. If you or any of your family members touches a leaking appliance, the current will flow through. It is therefore important to carry out safety inspections to monitor leaking currents regularly. The responsibility of keeping all safety measures for electrical components rests squarely on every owner of a building.

If you are hoping to buy a given piece of property, you must have an electrical safety inspection certificate in place. The whole idea is to have a safe home devoid of faulty or old wiring.
This is where we come in.

Our experienced technicians are well able to accomplish detailed safety inspections for commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

Some of the tasks we carry out regarding safety inspections include the following:
Ensure all your circuits are earthed to ensure the current is disconnected once a given threshold has been reached. By earthing your circuits, the earth leakage relay operates in an emergency by tripping accordingly.

Go over all your safety functions and features and make sure that they function correctly.

Issue a report of the state of safety inspection in your home or office. If you tick all the  boxes, we will give you a certificate of compliance.

A certificate of compliance shows that your facility meets all the safety standards required by the authority. If you have tenants on board, this gives them the much-needed peace of mind that all is well at home.

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