8 Places to Take Your Out-Of-Town Friends to Eat in Tacoma

Your friends usually don't stop for a couple of days at your place in Tacoma while visiting Seattle. They don't know anything about Tacoma and prefer going to Seattle because of its glitz and glamour. But they have no idea what they are missing out on by not visiting Tacoma.

It is home to some of the most incredible restaurants in the US. In fact, a tour around Tacoma's restaurants will make them want to spend an entire weekend here. And so, if your out-of-town friends finally come to Tacoma, don't forget to take them to the following places to have a sumptuous meal.

1. Shake Shake Shake

Milkshakes and burgers? Well, that's too common a combination to impress your friends. But you can turn the tables by taking them to Shake Shake Shake, a place that serves boozy shakes at night. If you and your friends want to feel tipsy without drinking on the rocks, this is the ideal place to visit. The huge light-up signs and retro vibes will take you back to the 70s and 80s. You can settle for the chef's special Classic Cheese Burger after a couple of boozy shakes. Or, you can continue satisfying your sweet tooth by ordering the Tiger Milkshake. 

2. Shakabrah Java

Surprise your friends with a sumptuous breakfast at Shakabrah Java. It is a hidden gem in Tacoma that serves a wide range of vegan-friendly and vegetarian dishes.

Make sure you arrive with your friends early because people can't get enough of Shakabrah Java. There's usually a fifteen to twenty-minutes waiting time if you visit on weekends.

But your wait will be worth every second. Make sure you try their oatmeal with various toppings.

Simply put, it is out of the world. Your friends won't taste better oatmeal than here.

3. The Rock

The Rock Wood Fried Kitchen, popularly known as The Rock, is the go-to place when you like to hang out with your friends.

It serves some of the most delicious pizzas, chicken buckets, and burgers. 

And not to forget, unique cocktails, wines, and booze. In fact, they also have a booze bucket that you and your friends can gulp down within a few minutes.

It contains a combination of mixers, vodka, and rum in a sand bucket.

If you want to go light on your booze, you should definitely try the California Dreamin, an energy drink that tastes spectacular with The Rock's famous Caesar Salad.

4. Pho King

Tacoma can get really chilly during winters. And if your friends can't take the weather anymore, take them to Pho King for some piping hot bowl of rice or pho topped with meat of your choice or veggies.

They provide fresh meat instead of refrigerated meat to make the dish taste heavenly.

If you don't want to wait for a full-course meal, place your order ahead and take it out as soon as you arrive. 

Apart from the smoking hot pho, this place also serves the most delicious freshly-wrapped spring roll and crispy shrimp rolls.

Try them as appetizers before moving to the full meal.

5. The Hub

Greasy buffalo wings, freshly-brewed beer, and some hot wings – it's the combination made in heaven. Your friends may not want to leave The Hub until they are full.

The Hub is located inside a hip neighborhood brewery, allowing the owners to serve freshly-brewed beer to everyone. Moreover, you can enjoy their happy hours with $5 dishes.

From thin-crust pizzas to buffalo wings, The Hub serves mouth-watering dishes at unbelievable prices. 

Your friends can even win some cash if you visit on their weekly trivia night. This restaurant isn't just about its delicious finger foods; it's also about the welcoming Tacoma community.

6. Café Amasia

Your friends want to go for brunch on a Sunday morning. Don't think of anywhere else than Café Amasia. Although this is a relatively new hotspot in Tacoma, it is already a foodie's paradise.

It offers a little of many things, such as Vietnamese dishes, Korean cuisine, deli sandwiches, and even dessert waffles.

The secret to their fusion foods is in their name. Amasia means a combination of American and Asian foods. Your friends would be surprised to taste the bubble tea here.

Try ordering the shaved ice bubbled tea. It's worth every penny you spend. Additionally, you should also try their flavored jellies. They are one of a kind.

7. The Harvester

The Harvester is another popular breakfast joint that you should try with your friends. It contains the traditional breakfast menus and various customized choices, such as egg of your dreams, unique pancakes, crispy hash browns, and French toast. Also, don't forget to have their cheesy garlic fries.

Its flavor will make you want to reorder a couple of plates more instantly. The spunky portions and laid-back atmosphere make The Harvester the ideal breakfast spot.

It's one of those places where you can head over to after waking up late. The food is not too heavy and not spicy. Your friends will undoubtedly have a good time here.

8. The Met

It's tiring to cook for a group of friends every day. The Met gives you the perfect excuse to skip cooking and impress your friends with local Tacoma dishes.

It serves the finest Australian ginger beer, toasted sandwich, humongous apples, and fresh salad. You also get a chance to customize your Poke Bowl.

Apart from The Met specials, you should also order The Cookie. It's The Cookie for a reason. You won't be able to put it down once you take a bite. The crispy texture and oozing flavors will make you want to order a few more for your house. Many say that The Cookie is the cure for anger, sorrow, and pain.

Now that you know the top eight places to take your out-of-town friends to eat, try each restaurant one by one. They don't cost a fortune but will stay in your friends' memories for a long time because of the taste. It may enable them to revisit Tacoma!